Edmodo is easy to use and quick to learn

We’ve compiled a series of resources for you to get the most from your Edmodo account. Find opportunities for inspiration, collaboration, and more.

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Edmodo: Teach more. Learn more.

Welcome to Edmodo! See how to get started and get a preview of what’s to come.

Duration 1:47

Account Types: Teachers, Students, Parents

Learn about each of the account types, including an in-depth look at how to create each type of account.

Duration 5:44

Parent Account

Learn about the features and uses of an Edmodo parent account.

Duration 3:01


Learn about the different features and possible use cases of Edmodo Groups and Small Groups.

Duration 12:12


Learn how to communicate with students, parents, and other teachers using Edmodo.

Duration 3:55

Library & Folders

Learn about how to organize, access, and share your resources using the Edmodo Library.

Duration 4:39


Learn about how to use the Edmodo Planner to keep you and your students organized.

Duration 4:32

Quizzes & Polls

Use Edmodo Quizzes and Polls to assess student progress and your teaching.

Duration 9:41

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Admin Account Features

Learn all about the features and tools available to you when you activate…

Duration 6:15

PD Tools

Use Edmodo PD Tools to create engaging professional learning opportunities…

Duration 9:50

Member Management

Learn how to manage the members of your school or district on Edmodo.

Duration 6:40

Case Studies



Edmodo Workshop

A collaborative experience customized to meet the needs and experience of your teachers, key stage levels, and subject. Led by an Edmodo Certified Trainer, this course covers core tools and features ensuring participants learn everything there is to know about Edmodo and leave the course with strategic best practices for the classroom.


Certified Learner Course

Create an accredited class of Edmodo experts dedicated to the 21st-century framework. A free self-paced certification unit and a training alternative that allows participants to complete coursework independently, educators get to know every feature and learn how to get the most out of Edmodo.


Custom Training

Our Learning Programs specialists will collaborate with you to design the training that will best meet the needs of your staff and schedule.