Communication is a valuable tool in every classroom. With Edmodo, you can reach your students or parents on any device, at any time. Here are three strategies that you can employ in your classroom to communicate clearly, easily, and effectively.

“I value communication. With Edmodo, I can encourage discussion on the fly or save time by scheduling my posts in advance. My students love engaging with me and their classmates online both in and outside of school” —L. Madison, 5th Grade Teacher


1. Schedule Posts: Schedule classroom posts ahead of time to take control of your schedule!

If you teach multiple classes or are utilizing distance learning, Edmodo’s ability to schedule future Posts makes classroom management and planning that much easier. You can also customize your notifications so that you are instantly notified of student responses via email, text message, or in your Edmodo classroom. Learn more here about scheduling Posts.


2. Connect across multiple devices: Reach students and parents from your device of choice.

You can initiate conversations, respond to messages, and schedule reminders from your computer at or using the Edmodo app on your phone, and students and parents have the same flexible options for communicating with you and each other! Being able to communicate important messages or updates quickly from the device of your choice is a great tool to have in case of emergencies or other instances where time is of the essence.

“My students know that, through Edmodo, I am available to them 24/7. This availability fosters trusting relationships, allowing them to ask and answer questions that many would be too shy to share face to face. No time is lost waiting for the next class meeting to get the information needed to complete an assignment. Edmodo keeps classroom conversations going even after the dismissal bell has rung!” —Mariana Garcia-Serrato, Middle School STEM Teacher


3. Take learning beyond the classroom: Inspire real-time discussions and extend learning beyond your classroom walls.

Empower your students to continue classroom discussions, seek out help from classmates, or provide updates to each other in your Edmodo classroom! You can do this by allowing students to make Posts in an Edmodo Class or reply to Posts from you or their peers. Learn more here about moderating students’ posts and replies. This is a great feature for students that may have missed class or just want to continue a discussion that ended abruptly. It also provides you with an easy way to send updates to lessons or assignments, share additional resources, and check in with students. You can also send direct messages to students and parents for individual conversations. Learn more here about using messages.


We hope you utilize one or all of these strategies to streamline communication in your classroom! And, if you’re looking for ways to connect with other educators, you can follow hashtags on Edmodo to collaborate globally with educators and share resources, exchange ideas, or get advice.


Find more strategies and resources for effective communication and delivery of instruction in our Distance Learning Toolkit. You’ll find practical guides, videos, tools, and activities to help you engage your students online.