Teachers help students discover their full potential.
Edmodo is dedicated to helping teachers realize theirs.

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The best advice comes from people who’ve been there.
Edmodo has real teachers who can offer real support.

Our award-winning Support team is full of former educators who know first-hand what it’s like to work in a classroom and understand that even the smallest changes can make a big difference. Whether you visit our Help Center, post a question to our Support Community, or want to stay up-to-date on our latest changes and developments, we’re available 24/7.

Always ready with an answer, we’ll listen to your feedback too—about the things you like (and the ones you don’t). We’re your advocates and want to position you and your students for success. On Edmodo and beyond.


True leaders teach by example.
We consider you our Chief Education Officers.

The best thing about our community is its educators. You’re passionate about edtech and use your network to spread the #EdmodoLove. You’re the reason we created the Teacher Leader Network with opportunities to become an:

Edmodo Support Ambassador

Help others master 21st century learning skills on Edmodo and beyond.

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Edmodo Certified Trainer

Model edtech best practices and introduce educators to the Edmodo platform.

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Edmodo Spotlight Luminary

Share your best resources and let your successes take center stage.

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Members of the Teacher Leader Network are the heart of Edmodo, our biggest advocates, and trusted partners. If you’re an educator who wants to work directly with the Edmodo team to support and inspire others, join the movement today.

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Here are the familiar faces you’ll see in the
Teacher Leader Network.

Sheryl Place
ESOL/ELA, Florida

Rob Zdrojewski
Middle School Technology, New York

Sandy King
5th Grade Teacher, Utah

Bobby Brian Lewis
Middle School ESOL, Georgia

Kate Baker
9th/12th Grade ELA, New Jersey

Lynn Woods
8th Grade ELA, Virginia

Dae Habalo
Computer Technology, Philippines

Karen Finklestein
Middle School Computers, Florida

Jose Angel Monrancho
5th/6th Grade Teacher, Spain