Effective date: January 4, 2013

These Edmodo Store Policies apply to your use of the Edmodo Store and the Publisher Software, but remember that your use of Edmodo’s Services is at all times subject to the Terms of Service, which incorporates these Edmodo Store Policies. Any terms we use here without defining them have the definitions given to them in the Terms of Service.

  1. Purchasing Edmodo Store Credit

    1. Depending on your User Category (as defined in the Privacy Policy), you may purchase credit for a particular school or district (a “Recipient”), which may be redeemed by such Recipient for Publisher Software available on the Edmodo Store (such Edmodo Store credit, “Credit”). A Recipient of Credit must be a registered user of the Services. Credit is available in a variety of denominations. Students may not purchase credit.

    2. When you purchase Credit, you will be asked to designate the Recipient. You may also indicate, if you would like, a nonbinding preference for the Recipient to earmark that Credit for a particular teacher employed by that Recipient. While Edmodo will note your teacher preference to the Recipient, please be aware that the Recipient has ultimate control over which of its employees or contractors use any Credit, and how it is used. For example, even if a Recipient allots Credit to a particular teacher, if that teacher later changes schools or grade levels, that Recipient might decide not to transfer the Credit to that teacher’s new classroom (even if the new classroom is in the same school or in a different school in the same district, depending on the policies of the Recipient).

    3. All amounts paid for Credit are non-refundable, except where and to the extent required by law.

    4. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, if you are a teacher, you may purchase Credit for your own personal use on the Store (“Personal Credit”). Personal Credit will be controlled by you, and not by your school or district. Personal Credit will be stored in your Edmodo account, and may be redeemed at your discretion in accordance with the terms and conditions herein. For all other purposes of these Terms, the term “Credit” shall include “Personal Credit.”

  2. Redeeming Credit

    1. If you are a Recipient, or if you are a teacher with Personal Credit, you may redeem your Credit for Publisher Software through the Edmodo Store. A Recipient may also allow the teachers that it employs and/or manages to redeem Credit on its behalf. All Credit redemptions are final, and no Credit will be returned to you after redemption, for any reason. If you are unhappy with your Publisher Software for any reason, please contact us at, and we will try to remedy the situation. You agree that the Publisher determines how much Credit you must redeem in exchange for the Publisher Software that that Publisher offers. The Publisher many change those amounts at any time

    2. Depending on your User Category, you may be able to redeem Credit for Publisher Software in the following manners:

      1. Basic License

        A basic license to Publisher Software allows one (1) classroom administrator and up to thirty (30) student users to use the relevant Publisher Software for one (1) calendar year from the download date of that Publisher Software (a “Basic License,” and such license term, the “License Term”).

      2. Add-on Seats

        If you have purchased a Basic License, during the License Term for such Basic License, you may redeem Credit for one (1) or more add-on seats for additional individual students above the thirty (30) student seats allowed under the Basic License (each, an “Add-on Seat”). The Add-on Seat allows the added student user to use the applicable Publisher Software until the end of the then-current License Term. The price for each Add-on Seat will be pro-rated based on the price of the Basic License, according to the number of Add-on Seats added and the amount of time remaining in the License Term at the time the Add-on Seats are added. For example, if the Basic License to Publisher Software costs $3, and six (6) months of the License Term have passed, then a single Add-On Seat for that Publisher Software will cost five (5) cents (Basic License fee of $3 ÷ 30 students = $0.10 per student annually, or $0.05 per student for the remaining 6 month period of the License Term).

      3. Unlimited License

        An unlimited license allows one (1) classroom administrator and an unlimited number of student users to use the relevant Publisher Software for one (1) calendar year from the download date of the Publisher Software (an “Unlimited License”). Add-on Seats are not available in connection with Unlimited Licenses.

    3. Publisher Software is offered by Publishers; though Edmodo will manage the Credit redemption process, Edmodo has no responsibility for Publisher Software. You will be required to agree to an end user license agreement with each Publisher from whom you receive Publisher Software, and such terms will govern the relationship between you and the Publisher. Once again, a Publisher’s data collection and use policies may differ from Edmodo’s, so please review them carefully. If you learn that any Publisher does not explicitly state its end user license agreement and data collection and use policy in writing and allow you to review such documents prior to your download or use of the applicable Publisher Software, please notify Edmodo immediately at

    4. If you are an individual, you understand that, except as otherwise expressly set forth in 1(d) above, any policies and restrictions regarding your use of Credits are determined in the Recipient’s sole discretion. For example, if a Recipient has allotted Credit to you, it may reverse that allotment at its discretion and without prior notice.

    5. Credit is a contractual right only; it is not cash or a cash equivalent (such as a gift card) and cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalents. An individual may not transfer Credit to another individual unless expressly allowed by the Recipient for whom the Credit was purchased, and then only in accordance with applicable law. Recipients may not transfer Credit to other Recipients, and teachers may not transfer Personal Credit to other teachers.

    6. If you have not redeemed Credit for a certain period of time after it was purchased, applicable law may require Edmodo to remit the amount paid for such Credit to the state in which the purchasing user or the Recipient was or is located, or the state in which Edmodo is incorporated. This time period will vary from state to state; it may be as short as one year. Accordingly, please remember to use your Credit in a timely manner. You release Edmodo from any liability in connection with its compliance with laws applying to this Section 2(f).

    7. Edmodo may, but has no obligation to grant you promotional Credit free of charge (“Promotional Credit”). Promotional Credit grants are coupons and may only be valid for a limited period of time, so please take note of any Promotional Credit expiration dates, and use your Promotional Credit in a timely manner.