Edmodo for Schools

Edmodo for Schools

Bring your school community online and take advantage of free tools for professional development, communication, and support.

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Get everyone in your school or district on Edmodo, for free.

Students, parents, teachers and staff—everyone benefits from a connected, collaborative school network.

Bring the powerful capabilities of Edmodo to everyone in your school or district.

Example of a school district’s community on Edmodo

A single platform with unlimited possibilities.

With Edmodo for Schools, your network becomes an online learning community, where your school can communicate, collaborate, and learn. All on Edmodo’s engaging, social learning platform that teachers and parents find easy to use, and students love!

As an administrator, you’ll gain tools to support your network, quickly share resources with all of your teachers and learners, and monitor use.

Share news and updates in real time.

Emails get left unread in inboxes, but your School Page allows you to instantly communicate with everyone in your network. Keep your community motivated to succeed by highlighting school achievements, upcoming events, and more.

Empower your educators.

Use your Group Directory page to help improve educator capacity throughout many educational settings. Support your teachers in enhancing their instruction, improving students’ performance, and assisting students in becoming technologically proficient.

Give your community access to unlimited resources.

Edmodo Spotlight for Schools provides school networks
with access to unlimited private storage. Curate, approve, and distribute your training and curriculum materials across your educator network.

Integrates with your systems

Works on any device

Accessible from anywhere

Works seamlessly with Google and Microsoft

Energize your PD

Give every teacher the latest technology and the coaching they need to use it successfully. By powering your professional development with Edmodo, teachers are encouraged to connect with one another and get confident with technology in their own classrooms.

Streamline access to PD

Give your teachers access to PD and training content wherever they are. Edmodo is your school network’s complete solution for training and resources.

Share instructional resources across your network

You can also upload or link to all of your classroom resources using Edmodo Spotlight! Teachers can seamlessly save worksheets, quizzes, lesson plans, and more—then, easily share them with a class.

Share what’s working

Let your teachers know what’s moving the needle by sharing instructional tips and resources. Start a conversation and inspire others to succeed.

Make it easy to find training resources

Organize all of your PD files and instantly give participants access. Your trainees will love how easy it is to locate training materials, and you’ll love that it won’t get lost in their email.

Connect your educator teams

Easily connect everyone, share resources, and build educator capacity so you can create a stronger teaching community. Any teacher in your school network can find and join collaborative groups through your Group Directory page.

Create PLCs

Quickly create subject and grade-level Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for your instructional teams. With everyone connected, it’s easy to provide embedded support for your teaching staff all year long.

Communication comes built in

Keep everyone informed and motivated to succeed. Edmodo lets you reach every teacher, student, and parent—all on one platform.

Share updates and highlights with everyone simultaneously.

Keep your school current on events.

Effortlessly maintain your staff directory.

Instantly message any teacher in your school.

Teacher profiles allow everyone to share their schedules, links, and more info.

Roll out and manage Edmodo, hassle free

Spread the supervision of your network across your team of administrators, or put it on autopilot with a time-saving integration. Either way, you’ll rest assured knowing your users are secure.

Edmodo Integrations

Automated solutions to help you save time by:

  • Creating accounts
  • Rostering classes
  • Enabling single sign-on (SSO)

Learn more

In the Admin Center, you can verify educators, audit members, and reset passwords manually.

Our Support and Adoption Teams are here to answer all of your questions and help you roll out Edmodo the most effective way.

School leaders can upload Edmodo accounts for all teachers, students, and parents in their network in a few simple steps.

Find out how your learning community uses Edmodo with analytics that help fuel activity and engagement.

How can you use Edmodo in your school or district?

Whether you support technology in a single school or are a district administrator, we want to help you get the most out of Edmodo. Learn more about how Edmodo can help you succeed.

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