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Send out important news and updates in real time.

Your members receive notifications through the Edmodo mobile app or their email.

Lisa Brown, Principal of Garfield Elementary School, needed to send a quick message to all of her students, parents, and teachers about the upcoming school fundraiser. She uploaded a picture of the flyer and posted it to her Edmodo School Page to spread the word.

Share information about events.

Keep everyone in your school informed about important dates like athletic events, school performances, and fundraisers.

Charles Smith, Coach of Tennyson Junior High’s swim team, wanted a place where he could let all of his players know about the upcoming practice schedule before the swim meet. Using his School Page on Edmodo, he sent a message to everyone involved with the swim team about the big day.

Collaborate with professional colleagues.

Keep in touch with fellow administrators and teachers across your district. Share resources and techniques to create a stronger teaching community.

Tina White, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, wanted to organize her district’s STEM Training In-Service day using Edmodo’s Group Directory features. All her teachers were able to quickly join her PD Group and engage in real-time discussions about her presentation.

Celebrate your school.

Highlight major student achievements and teacher awards with a quick message to celebrate and motivate your community.

Julie Waters, Principal of Harrison Junior High, wanted to celebrate the Harrison mathletes when they took home the Grand Prize in their regional tournament. She posted a message on her Edmodo School Page to share the accomplishment with the entire community.

Tools for Principals

Edmodo Insights

Find out how users take advantage of Edmodo in your school with real-time analytics that measure activity and engagement.

Secure Messaging

Only students, parents, and teachers that you invite can join a School Page on Edmodo, unlike other social media sites that stay open to all users.

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