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Streamline professional development.

Give every teacher the latest technology and the coaching they need to use it successfully. By powering your professional development with Edmodo, teachers are encouraged to connect with one another and get confident with technology in their own classrooms.

Beatrice Leia, Instructional Tech for Coruscant Middle School, just rolled out Chromebooks for her school and needs to show teachers how to use them effectively. She leads training on Edmodo to model Chromebook use in the classroom and provide teachers with a repository of lesson plans they can refer back to throughout the year.

Build Professional Learning Communities.

Make sure every teacher is equipped to succeed by connecting them to each other in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) on Edmodo. With the PLC Creator tool, you can instantly group teachers together and allow them to collaborate, get assistance, and share resources right on Edmodo.

Daniel Poe, Director of Instructional Technology at Allen High School knows that a lot of the English teachers at Allen High are new and need support. He creates a PLC just for the English department so all the teachers, new and old, can share tips, resources, and lesson plans.

Recognize teacher achievement.

Build a supportive environment to reinforce tech initiatives and training with Teacher Badges on Edmodo. Teacher Badges will appear on teachers’ Edmodo profiles, helping to distinguish them in their schools as subject matter experts.

Leo Finn, Innovation Specialist at Jakku Elementary, wants to reward a few teachers for their help coordinating a PBL project. He sets up a PLC Group on Edmodo with the project outline and resources. Once staff members submit their proposals, he awards them with the “PBL Planning” Teacher Badge

Find resources in your network.

Edmodo will automatically organize resources that your teachers have used online and recommend them to others in your network. You’ll always be able to offer the highest quality instructional resources, vetted and verified by your own teachers.

Jill Rey, Science Teacher at Trillia High School needs to find a video on lasers for her flipped classroom so students can watch it as homework. Using Edmodo, she finds a SciShow video already uploaded to Edmodo by her colleague Ren, and she sends the video to her students so they’re ready to discuss the next day.

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Find out how users take advantage of Edmodo in your school with real-time analytics that measure activity and engagement.

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