After a school year that ended like none of us would have expected, I’m sure you’re hoping for a return to normalcy in school come fall. As a former educator and parent, I feel this 100%. Even though school will likely look a lot different next school year, it’s important for teachers, students, and parents to experience consistency in routines in order to adapt to all of the changes with as little stress as possible.

Edmodo Quizzes, built by a team of educators, was designed to free up teacher time and allow teachers to provide quick and easy informal and formal assessments. More recently, we’ve taken steps to make it even easier to create quizzes on Edmodo and use them in a greater variety of ways. Each feature that has been added improves student assessment or makes it easier for teachers in some meaningful way.

A lot has changed, so we wanted to give you a rundown of everything that’s new. We hope these improvements help ease the transition back to “normal”—whatever that ends up looking like—for you and your students when fall arrives.


Keep Track of Your Quizzes and Assignments

Being organized is a must-have in any classroom, physical or virtual. But staying organized can be a real chore. This issue can compound when you have a virtual library that fills up over time, leaving you with the task to organize and maintain your ever-expanding repository of digital content. Thankfully, Edmodo’s revamped “My Quizzes” and “My Assignments” folders to help tamp down on the chaos. 

These new folders automatically store new Quizzes and Assignments (as well as any copies you create) and are pinned to the top of your Edmodo Library for easy access. 

Quizzes and Assignments also now come with labels to help you keep track of where they’ve been assigned. 

Beyond finding Quizzes more easily, teachers can now also easily preview the student view for a particular Quiz. This was a big priority for the Edmodo team while seeking to improve the Quiz experience for teachers.“We wanted to give teachers an improved preview of quizzes that closely resembles the student’s experience. This is valuable to teachers because they can now easily see what their students see in the classroom,” says Connie Leong, a Product Manager at Edmodo. 

Improve and Reuse!

Have a Quiz or Assignment that worked really well on Edmodo? Now it’s much easier to reuse them across multiple Classes. It’s also a lot clearer when you’re editing a Quiz or Assignment that’s currently assigned to a Class versus editing the master copy in your Edmodo Library. Actually, you now have options to edit your Quiz or Assignment in virtually any way could want:

  • Want to edit your master version of the Quiz/Assignment? Just edit the master version that appears in your “My Quizzes” or “My Assignments” folder. 
  • Want to edit the version you assigned to your Class? Directly edit the assigned version that appears in your Class stream.
  • Want to tweak the version of the Quiz you assigned to one Class and assign it to a different Class? Just make a copy of the assigned Quiz.

I also find it incredibly reassuring to see that updates I make to Quizzes are now saved automatically in Edmodo. This is a small tweak that really helps me keep my sanity and save me from constantly hitting the save button.

See our Help Center to learn about all options for editing quizzes.

Support all Learners

It’s hard to say how acute summer slump will be this fall compared to previous years. Thanks to new Quiz capabilities on Edmodo, you can support your students with the tools that they need to start the year off right (no matter what level they are on). These improvements will help your students focus, help you better check for understanding, and—we believe—make learning more fun. And all of these new features are available in (or are coming soon to) Edmodo Quizzes!

Keep Students Focused

If you haven’t used an Edmodo Quiz in a while, you might be surprised to see how streamlined they have become. This is thanks to dedication on the part of Connie and her team at Edmodo. “We set out to create an experience that allows students to more easily focus when taking quizzes. We were very intentional in simplifying the student experience and removing unnecessary distractions,” Connie informed me. The effort from her team really shows.

These improvements are also releasing soon to the Edmodo iOS and Android Apps, along with another big enhancement coming to the App: Assigning Quizzes! “We will expand teachers’ ability to assign Quizzes from their mobile devices in June. This update will allow them to take an existing Quiz, preview it, and assign it—all on the go,” Connie said. As of the writing of this article, the update to the App is set to go out today. Look for it in your Edmodo App.

Give Students a Nudge

Some students procrastinate. I get that… I get it like you wouldn’t believe. If you need to give students a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder to do their work, you can now message them on the grading page for a Quiz or Assignment.

Hsuanwei Fan, a former teacher and Product Manager at Edmodo, developed this feature, “Our team decided to add a quick and easy way for teachers to remind all the students in a Class who have not yet opened and viewed an Assignment or a Quiz. We know it can be time consuming to remind students one-by-one, so we wanted to give teachers an easy way to reach out to many students at once with one click.”

You can personalize your message to students, so they feel the individual one-on-one attention and care when they receive it on Edmodo. The message they receive contains a link the Assignment or Quiz they need to complete.

Add More Variety to Your Quiz Questions

Since each student learns differently, it’s important to be able to meet students at the level they are at. Expanded Quiz question options allow teachers more versatility in adding rigor or structure as needed.

  • Multiple Answer. Multiple Answer allows you to set more than one required answer selection for multiple choice questions. You can use this question type to more rigorously measure a student’s understanding of a concept.

  • Matching Question Distractors. Distractor answers have been added to Matching questions. For matching pairs, teachers can now choose to display extra answers to increase question difficulty and challenge their students.

Attach More Images to Quizzes

In addition to the question type enhancements, you can also attach images to individual question answer choices. This opens up many new ways that Quizzes can be used for a variety of assessment purposes.

General Classrooms can attach images to help students that are visual learners, while PE, Music, Art, and other subjects may enjoy attaching images to answer choices to add more variety to questions, or to convey more complex answer options. All teachers can use this feature for informal assessments on everything from class rules, goal setting, or exploring facts about one another.


Let us know in the comments which feature you are most excited about! We hope these new features provide you and your students with tools that will help you reach greater success in your classroom.