You want to meet people who understand you.
Edmodo can make the introductions—online and off.


From time to time, everyone needs a helping hand.
We’ve got a community with millions to lend.

Everything we do at Edmodo impacts everyone on our network, and we’re lucky to be in very good company. For every question you raise, there are countless people waiting with answers, insight, and support.

If you’re comfortable with technology or just starting out, need creative ideas or have ones to contribute, are looking for stories or have one to tell, we’ll show you the way. We regularly share tips, best practices, and perspectives from the people who know Edmodo (and you) best: other teachers.


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Educators are superheroes in disguise.
We want to reveal your true identity.

You may not wear a mask or cape, but we know you’re out there doing a world of good. You’ve got the strength to stand in front of your classroom for an entire day, a sixth sense about when a student needs help or praise, and the ability to shape the future.

But you know the best thing about superheroes? People look up to them. People want to emulate them. And we have a global community waiting for you to share your supercharged ideas so they can make a difference in their own classrooms.

Bobby Brian Lewis

Gamifying the Classroom

Shannon McClintock Miller

Fostering Student Voices

What’s your superhero story? Tell us how you use Edmodo for your chance in the spotlight!


Intelligence is knowing there’s always more to learn.
We make every learning opportunity eventful.

Whether online or on the road, we love meeting up with new and familiar faces. See what we’ve got planned in the weeks ahead; each is designed to connect you with educators around the world and the ones in your own backyard.

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