Effective date: July 21, 2019

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for responsible marketing.

A. Responsible Marketing

Edmodo decided to include advertising on our site in March of 2017. The goal of the advertising program is to keep Edmodo free for all users while delivering on the company’s mission to connect all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential. While we continue to advertise on our site in order to keep the platform free for our users, we have established this policy to memorialize our advertising practices (“Advertising Policy”). Edmodo is fiercely committed to protecting the safety and privacy of our users and creating an environment to enhance learning. Our advertising practices are designed to safeguard these values.

B. Responsible Advertising Council

Edmodo has established a responsible Ad Council (“Ad Council”). The responsibilities of the Ad Council include:

  • Drafting, issuing, periodically reviewing and updating this Advertising Policy; and
  • Ensuring full compliance with the Advertising Policy through, for example, training initiatives, audits, review of certain proposed advertisements to ensure appropriate content, etc.

C.  Advertising Content Guidelines

Below are the Edmodo content guidelines used by the Ad Council when reviewing advertising materials.

  • The following are considered inappropriate ad content and are not allowed on the Edmodo site:
    • Any content that could be considered vulgar, insulting, or demeaning
    • Ads for “R” or “NC-17” rated movies in theaters, on DVD/Blu-ray, on streaming services, or any other distribution channel.
    • Ads for “TV14” or “TVMA” TV programming, or shows on DVD/Blu-ray, streaming services, or any other distribution channel.
    • Ads for “M”, “AO” or “RP” rated video games
    • Creative that could frighten or upset young children or the parents of young children
    • Adult-oriented prescription drugs (e.g., Viagra, etc.)
    • Contraceptives
    • Tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc.) except for anti-smoking or anti-vaping campaigns approved by the Ad Council
    • Liquor of any kind (hard, beer, wine)
    • Illicit drugs (marijuana, etc.) except for anti-drug campaigns approved by the Ad Council
    • Pornography and sex sites
    • Dating websites
    • Suggestive or revealing images (bare midriffs, legs, etc.)
    • Potentially slanderous or libelous content
    • Bad language, or proxies for bad language (X@#%!)
    • Politics (lobbyists, PAC sites, political campaigns)
    • Sensationalism (killer bees, gossip, aliens, scandal, etc.)
    • Gambling (including legal state lotteries, sweepstakes, and fantasy leagues)
    • Unsubstantiated or false claims
    • Misleading language (e.g., using the word “free” in the advertisement to describe a contest or sweepstakes prize)
    • Graphic violence
    • Guns (firearms, bullets, etc.)
    • Death (funeral homes, mortuaries)
    • Any advertising content that violates applicable laws, rules, or regulations
    • Content that is otherwise inappropriate for children
  • The following ad content will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis:
    • PG-13 movies and T-rated games
    • Products with a “keep out of reach of children” label
    • OTC (over-the-counter) medication
    • Prescription drugs, vitamins, dietary supplements, and diet/weight-loss products
    • Caffeinated beverages (products like coffee, which are clearly adult-targeted, may be allowed, while sodas and energy drinks are not)
    • Other food items dependent on their nutritional value

D.  COPPA Compliance; Online Behavioral Advertising

Edmodo operates in full compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), which governs the online collection and use of personal information from children under 13 in the United States. As required by law, Edmodo will not engage in online behavioral, targeted, or programmatic advertising techniques with any of our users, including children (i.e., collecting individual online behavior data on the Edmodo site and then using that information to direct online advertising to individuals on other sites).
Edmodo uses direct advertising, in which we choose the advertiser and have a direct relationship with the advertiser. With respect to the advertising techniques for students, we’ve implemented tags on our site, such as Google/DFP’s “Tag for Child-Directed Treatment” which are designed for sites like Edmodo that are directed to children. When using this feature, the TFCD parameter functions to disable interest-based advertising (profiling and targeting students’ interests) and retargeting ads for that content.

E. Reporting Inappropriate Content

  • Users have the immediate ability to hide any ads they are not interested in, as well as to report any ads they find inappropriate.
  • We will review the reported ad within twelve hours of it being reported, and if it is determined to be a violation of this policy, the ad will be removed within twenty-four hours of receipt of the report.