Want to know what’s new for August 2019? You’ve come to the right place.

At Edmodo, we’ve been thinking about how to best support the learning that happens in our education community as a new decade approaches.

This meant zooming out and looking at Edmodo as a whole, rather than just updates to certain features or tools. It meant looking at all the user feedback we’ve collected in recent years, finding trends and common themes across the entire learning community, and asking each other questions like “What do our learners value most?”

It meant taking a moment to think about our role in education and how we can shape the future of edtech together with teachers across the world.

As a result of this careful deliberation, we’ve reimagined Edmodo’s most-used features to better serve teachers and students in and out of the classroom. We’ve given the site a visual refresh, upgraded navigation across the platform, and will be updating features like quizzes and assignments — all thanks to passionate teachers in our community.

If you have feedback about these changes, you can share your thoughts with us right here.

Ready for a full breakdown? Here’s everything that’s new:

Setting Up Your Class Is Now A Breeze

  • Add student accounts to your class in bulk — Have all of your students’ information in a spreadsheet already? Just paste it into the bulk uploader and populate your Edmodo roster in seconds. (Got parent info too? You can paste that in as well!)
  • Get more done, faster than ever— Share assignments and quizzes in your classes faster using the new “+” button.
  • Start the discussion right— Meanwhile, we’ve also streamlined how you post questions and polls to your class. We’ve even added a new little bonus: A brand new wellness poll you can use with your students to gauge how they’re feeling about class today.

The Best Quizzes Yet

  • Quizzes for a new decade — Edmodo Quizzes have an all-new interface to help students stay focused on the quiz.
  • Preview it first — Teachers can now preview a quiz before assigning it.
  • Speedier grading — The new interface makes it simpler to view quiz answers by your class, student, or individual question type, and grade each question accordingly.
  • Quick analytics for your class — See a breakdown of how the whole class answered your questions. You can view class averages, score distributions, question breakdowns, and more.
  • Still to come — Enhancements to questions that allow teachers to add multiple answer options for certain question types.

A New Look For A New Decade

  • A redesigned navigation bar at the top of every page — We’ve picked out the most-used pages on Edmodo and put them all in the navigation bar at the top of the page. We’ve also included a tab specifically for your classes. It’s now easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in a clean, sleek interface.
  • A totally refreshed look for Edmodo — This is so much more than a new coat of paint. We’ll always have nostalgia for good, old blue Edmodo, but we wanted to design a cleaner experience that helps teachers and students focus on what matters. So we’ve given Edmodo a whole new look that we love and we think you’ll love too.
The redesigned class page gathers the information you need for each class into one view.

Your Favorite Digital Classroom, Streamlined

  • Enhancements for every classroom — The new classes tab makes it easy to get class updates at a glance and see what needs your attention. You can manage your classes (create, join, archive, copy, or re-order) and access tools like What’s Due and Progress from this tab as well. Plus, each class page has been reorganized to include the information relevant to that class.
  • Get more out of your scheduled posts — Scheduling posts is easier than ever before. You can manage scheduled posts directly within your class stream, but they will only appear in your students’ streams at the time you’ve set.
  • Keep parents updated easier than ever — You can now connect parent accounts to students when you create a class or from your class members page. You can message parents directly through Edmodo, and parents get a brand new dashboard of their student’s class activity on their mobile app. No more checking your school email at night or sharing your phone number with parents.
Follow hashtags to find new resources, and learn how to practice mindfulness with activities on Discover.

Learn What Makes Learning Better

  • Explore hashtags to find new resources — Topics on Edmodo have been redesigned as hashtags! You can now browse hashtags based on your interests and see resources shared by teachers around the world by following hashtags. Share your favorite posts to other sites like Twitter and Facebook, too!
  • Discover a new space to empower learning — Check out Discover, a new place on Edmodo where students and teachers can practice mindfulness with content from Happy Not Perfect and hone their focus with educational games like the Schulte Challenge. Try it out for yourself or share it with your students to encourage proper #selfcare.

Coming Soon

  • A new parent experience on mobile — Give parents everything they need with a redesigned Edmodo for Parents app, coming to iOS and Android.
  • Everything you share in class, all in one place — Every class you create will get its own shared folder that automatically updates with files you share in your class stream. This way, your students will always have an easy place to access important documents.
  • Real rewards for teachers — Sure, you get rewards for using your rideshare or eating out, but we think it’s time for you to get some gold stars for all the important work you do as a teacher too. Keep an eye out for more information soon!
  • That new backpack feeling — Your Edmodo Library or Backpack will have new upgrades to help you better manage your files online, including some additional integration with Google Drive!
  • New educational games — Students can challenge themselves with games like Survivor, a trivia marathon to see who can make it through all 10 questions
  • SEL Resources — Content and resources designed to help you incorporate Social and emotional learning in your classroom, which helps improve learning outcomes.

That’s all for now, but we’re more excited than ever to share these updates as we discover the future of edtech and Edmodo with you, through 2020 and beyond.