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Teachers work hard. But so much of that extra work goes unnoticed. Too few people see teachers taking home papers to grade or creating lesson plans on the weekend.

That’s where we come in. Edmodo is designed to help reduce your workload as a teacher and make it easier to stay connected with your classroom and your students.

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Conversations that Change Lives

Everyone remembers the teacher that made a difference in their academic career. Edmodo gives you the tools to be that teacher for your students.

Get the productivity features you need like Assignments, Quizzes, and a Gradebook, plus an interface that allows students to communicate with each other–and with you–in a safe, private space.

Safe. Secure, direct messaging for teachers, students, and parents.

Inclusive. Classroom discussions to give even the quietest students a voice.

Connected. A mobile app for parents to keep families updated automatically.

Resources by Teachers, for Teachers

Need a last-minute lesson plan? Want to boost the effectiveness of an existing lesson? Don’t bother with frantic web searches.

Edmodo has millions of resources, created and shared by your fellow teachers, ready for your classroom at the click of a button.

Curated. Get recommended content for easy lesson planning.

Free. Resources with no cost, relevant to you and your students.

Modern. Digital assignments and auto-graded quizzes for every user.

A Community Ready to Help You Succeed

No teacher should feel alone in their career. Whether you’re looking to create a community in your own classroom or connect with the global teacher community, Edmodo is here for you.

Millions of teachers have used Edmodo to reach their students, improve learning outcomes, and get more out of their lesson plans.

Quick. Roster all your students before they step foot in your classroom.

Versatile. Adjust the built-in safety & moderation settings however you like for every class and every student.

Global. Teacher communities that expand your professional learning network.

Why Use Edmodo?

It’s Easy

Log in anywhere, from any device! Edmodo’s interface is designed specifically for classrooms.

It’s Safe

Students only have access to classes you invite them to and teachers can control how students participate.

It’s Free

Edmodo is free for everyone. Build your profile, teach your classes, and send messages. All without paying a cent.

It’s Flexible

Edmodo is designed for use with any subject, in any classroom. No matter how many devices you have, Edmodo works for everyone.

Trusted by Teachers

Dakota Moncrief
Killian Middle School

“My favorite feature is the social aspect of Edmodo. Students take to it like fish to water. I’ve seen friendships born on Edmodo and social cliques disappear.”

Katherine Drummond
Winterville Elementary School

“Since adding Edmodo to our daily routine, excitement has been at an all time high. My students love using it and I am able to locate a day or week’s worth of materials in one class!”

Gregg Eilers
El Vista Elementary School

“Parents are more involved. Edmodo definitely helps me keep parents up-to-date with activities, upcoming assignments, and grades.”

Unlock Your Classroom’s Potential

With Edmodo, you can build meaningful relationships, inspire new lessons, and spark the next great teachable moment from anywhere.

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